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The owner of this website is Top Security Service SRL with the social headquarters in Arad, Piața Sârbească nr. 1 – România 310091, CUI RO4307700.

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1. Site Description

Our website has the purpose to present our company, its activity and contact data.

2. Access

In order to visit our website you need a personal computer, or a handheld device, a stable connection to the internet, a web browser installed on your PC through which www.tss.ro, www.tss.com.ro, or www.topsecurityservice.ro will be visited.

3. Obligations of Top Security Service SRL

Top Security Service SRL assumes responsibility for the processing and storage of your personal data (when it’s the case). This information is treated in conformity with the legislation in force and are applicable ONLY in case a request is formulated through the form on this website, or an e-mail on any of the e-mail addresses on the website which are the company’s, or by telephone, or in written form on the address of our company.

Generally, the data processed are the name, surname and personal contact information.

Top Security Service SRL, through this website does not ask for any personal information and does not personally identify internet users.

4. User's Rights

Fundamental rights of the person whose data we collect are:
  • The right to be informed regarding on how your data is collected and stored;
  • The right to access the data we have on you;
  • The right to ask for the rectification of data we have on you;
  • The right to ask the deletion of data we have on you;
  • The right to ask the personal data we have on you to you, or another operator
  • The right to file a complaint regarding the usage of your data to the proper authorities.

To exercise these rights, the users may address themselves in written on the postal address of the owner of this website, mentioned above.

Any dispute regarding the processing of personal data will be solved amiably of possible. In case the parties do not reach an agreement on the dispute, this will be definitively solved by a Romanian competent instance.

Furthermore, users have the right to address themselves to the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, or authorities in case they consider they have to protect any guaranteed rights by the legislation in force, or the new GDPR rules.

All disputes and mediations will be governed by the Romanian law.

5. The processing of personal data

According to the terms of EU Ruling 2016/679 (GDPR) regarding the protection of personal data and the free circulation of this data.

The processing of this data is made for the purpose of suppling an offer, a service or to define a contractual relationship, present or future, or any other situation that cannot be foreseen here. The communication can be made by courier, post office, e-mail, telephone, fax or other means.

The supplied data are strictly confidential, being used exclusively for the declared purpose.

Personal data may be transmitted to the public authorities regarding the making of any investigations according to the legislation in force.

6. Exclusions

Top Security Service SRL does not assume any legal responsibility, damage brought by using this website and the information available herein, neither for technical glitches, viruses or other systems that will affect the user in any way.

The user understands the fact that the data supplied on this website may be modified at any time.

Top Security Service SRL does not assume the responsibility for interruptions of the site’s functionality.