Burglary Risk Assessment

What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment identifies, evaluates and implements essential controls in various applications. The execution of risk assessment allows an organization or an individual to look through the perspective of an intruder. It allows the leaders of a company to allocate resources, instruments and to implement control mechanisms. In this way, the process of security risk assessment is an integrating part of the risk management process of an organization.

How does a risk assessment work?

A rigorous risk assessment allows an organization to:

  • identify assets that need protection;
  • creates risk profiles for each of those assets;
  • identifies critical assets for the good development of the business, as well as the impact it has on the continuity of the business flow;
  • it classifies the evaluated risks by importance in order to prioritize them for solving;
  • applies measures of risk attenuation for all identified risks.

It is important to remember that the risk assessment process is not a one-time only security project. It is rather a continuous activity that should be made at least once every two years. An evaluation allows an organization to stay in touch with the risks to which it is exposed.