Design and Installation

Our company has a vast experience in developing personalized solutions whatever the case may be, because we are on the market since 1993. We have developed along with the security systems and we experienced all of them first hand as they were brought to the Romanian market, and thus we can combine the different available technologies in order to cater to every need and every budget.

So, in the following lines you will find the various security systems that we are able to successfully implement and integrate, but we definitely do not stop at these. If you have a need that you do not find in the list below, please contact us for counselling.

Burglary alarm systems

These are by far the most popular solutions in ensuring a minimal protection against unauthorized access. The motives for installing them are various, from the obvious reason of deterring breaking in attempts, up to the control of the employees or when your children come home from school. All the users of an alarm system are identified by a unique code, a remote control or an access tag that a monitoring station or even the end-user is able to differentiate. So, in case of need, you can know which employee has armed the system in a particular day, or if your child has arrived home from school and at what time.

There is a wide range of available sensors, among the most popular being the PIR (Passive InfraRed) motion detectors, and magnetic contacts. Of course, depending on the rugosity different other sensors may be added: microwave detectors, shock detectors, incline detectors, broken glass detector, flood detectors, IR barriers. To these, we can add smoke, temperature or carbon monoxide detectors, but just for home-use. If there is a need for a more professional solution, we can offer dedicated systems for this purpose.

Of course, there are situations that demand for more performant solutions, such as microphone cable, optical fiber or even radar for the detection of burglary attempts of a perimeter.

Burglary alarm systems are picked and configured according to the particular situation of our clients and by keeping account of the laws. These can be connected to our own monitoring center and offer quick intervention services, they can be connected to other companies or they can be stand-alone and are able to send SMS messages, call several phone numbers or send push alerts to clients’ phones.

Closed Circuit Television

CCTV systems, or video surveillance as they are widely known today are a solution that is more and more in demand nowadays, for homes and companies alike. These have the primary role to act as a witness to unpleasant situations that may occur, or ideally to prevent unwanted situations.

Currently the CCTV market is flooded with various solutions, from various brands and with video cameras of different qualities and prices. This is exactly why we are recommending to confidently ask for our services in helping you navigate this vast sea of products.

Regardless if you need a small system to protect your home, with video cameras that have infrared projectors or ones that offer color images during the night-time, or you need a large system that might have speed-dome cameras, fisheye cameras or thermal imaging, all controlled by a VMS software and integrated with other security systems, we assure you of our support.

Furthermore, we can offer intelligent video analysis solutions, license plate recognition, tracking products using CCTV cameras or even perimeter alarm systems using video analysis.

Fire alarm systems

We believe that even if these types of systems have been put on secondary plane along the years, they have a vital role in protecting people and assets, in office buildings, storage buildings or industrial halls.

Generally, these systems are designed by authorized companies that decide the right solution keeping in account the norms and laws of the country. So, a fire alarm system might have in its configuration smoke detectors, temperature detectors, double technology – smoke and temperature, IR smoke barriers, fixed point temperature cable, manual triggers, optical and acoustical alarm devices, automation of smoke windows.

Access control systems

Even if you only need to control the access through a single door, on all the doors in the building, the attendance clocking of your employees, or an intercom system, all these falls under the umbrella access control systems.

These types of systems have a varied configuration and are dimensioned according to your needs. The simplest systems have an RFID card or tag reader and trigger the opening of an electromagnetic lock. Bigger systems have dedicated controllers and protect several doors. These can be integrated with other systems, like CCTV for validation purposes. For example, when an employee presents his RFID card a snapshot is taken using a CCTV camera. Of course, we have thermal scanning access control systems in our portfolio, that only allow employees access if they don’t have a fever.

We also install intercom systems for homes and apartment buildings, using the right solutions for each situation. We have different types of systems available, from the simplest up to IP intercoms that allow the viewing and control from a mobile phone. We are confident we will find the ideal solution for you!

Vehicle access automations

We also offer systems that control the access of vehicles such as gate automation, either swinging or sliding, or vehicle barriers or bollards. We have in our portfolio several equipment manufacturers, that ensure automation for any gate size and weight, or any road width in the case of barriers and vehicle weight in the case of bollards.

GPS tracking of vehicles and round-checking / lone worker monitoring

We implement and also use vehicle tracking solutions using GPS devices, integrated on a highly performant and user-friendly interface, capable of generating various reports.

In the case of rounds checking and lone worker monitoring our system uses dedicated GPS devices with an SOS button for security agents. They can be checked in real-time if they are making their rounds correctly or in case of problems, they can press the SOS button and an alert will appear in the web interface, alongside the exact position of the agent.

We are using this solution for many years for the safety and checking of our own security agents and we are happily willing to share it with others that need it for their own security agents or even our fellow colleagues in the security field.


Our company is authorized to design projects for burglary alarm systems, closed circuit television and access control in order to authorize the security systems at the country police office, of fire alarm systems in order to be authorized at the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and we can design physical security risk evaluations.