Frequent Questions

If you have questions, read the below collection. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us!

All security companies are the same. Why should we choose yours?

Security companies are not the same. The differences are huge. Our highly trained staff is permanently concentrated on the client's needs has the capacity to supply a conformant and measurable security concept, a quality according to the expectancies, a "recipe to follow". We understand the implications of a partnership.

Why choose a local company and not a national one?

A local company benefits from an efficient local management. It offers an efficient communication. The company is specialized on a limited area and may supply specific services. It is well adjusted to the daily reality, in the area's history and possible threats, because it lives in this area. Employee control is much more efficient. The management is efficient and it offers an immediate decision capability. A national company is mostly based on turnovers. It cannot be specialized on areas. It has a unitary concept and it affects a market's dynamics.

Why should we choose you to install our systems?

Because we offer solutions. You will pay for a correctly and accordingly supplied service. We are not characterized by a simple commercial act. We do not wish to take your money at any cost. Our experience holds the activity of over 20 years, thousands of installed systems or solutions with varying degrees of complexity. You benefit of people with a real training, an experience gained in the work field and not just a theoretical training or just one done on paper.

What does your company offer?

A well trained staff, qualified personnel which is permanently checked, according security solutions. People who wish to offer a solution and not to sell at any cost. A security system monitoring dispatch center which allows a series of automation and interfaces for the quick and efficient communication with the client. A school which as trained thousands of people at an acceptable level, people who under a correct management may be very efficient.

What services can you offer?

Any services related to the private security field. We will assist you in choosing the best solution.

If I wish to learn more information on your company?

Contact us and we will gladly offer data for the purpose of forming the best and most complete image.