About Us


We decided to develop a business in the security field following the countries in which there is a tradition for this domain, using knowledge gained by our staff along our company’s existence.

We proposed to build a long term business, to build a brand in this domain, and our 28 years of existence are proving just this. To be reliable and to respect our clientele, to be fair and to always pursue the interest of our beneficiary.


We quickly understood that without a concept regarding the implementation and management regarding our service’s quality, we will never be able to maintain an appropriate level of services and one as high as possible.

Since the beginning we have implemented and ran a quality management system which would ensure the traceability of the product, and which we understood we need to certify since 2002.

Several reasons to choose us

We offer solutions and not a simple commercial act.

Our history starts in 1993

We have a portofolio of over 700 clients.

Benefit from our professionals experience

We are approved suppliers with NATO CODE NCAGE 006VL.


We have a quality management implemented and certified according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008.