Ever since we accredited our company for the training of security agents, we tried to maintain a high standard in which concerns our teaching activity, for the theoretical part and also for the practical one. We have supplied the teaching materials to our students and stayed up to date with the technical means needed to learn the job of a security agent. We take pride in the fact that up till now we had over 1500 students that were qualified for the job of security agent.

Security agents control the access and ensure the protection of objectives, deterring the illegal intrusion in the perimeter of the protected objectives, deterring thefts and acts of violence. Furthermore, they have the responsibility of keeping a series of registers specific to the job and to respect the security plans of the objectives that are in their care.

At the end of the course, which has a duration of 360 hours along a period of 3 months, after sustaining and graduating the examination in front of a special committee, you will earn a qualification certificate accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications, The Ministry of Work and Social Justice as well as the Ministry of National Education. With this certificate you will obtain the attestation of security agent.

What are the requirements?

  • to be a Romanian citizen or a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union or of the European Economic Area and to be at least 18 years old;
  • to be medically fit to perform the function;
  • not to have a criminal record for intentional crimes;
  • to be professionally certified, according to the provisions of this law.

What papers do I need?

  • national ID;
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate / divorce decision (if it’s the case);
  • mandatory learning diploma (8 or 10 classes);
  • a certificate from the family doctor that results in you being "medically apt security agent";
  • criminal record from the police for "Security agent course".