Monitoring and Intervention

Our company owns an alarm monitoring center of burglary alarm systems and closed-circuit television, build under the specifications of the EN 50518:2019 European Standard. If you opt for the monitoring of your burglary alarm system through our alarm monitoring center you will pass the worries of maintaining your alarm systems in good condition to us.

By connecting your burglary alarm systems to our alarm monitoring center your home or your company will be monitored 24/7 by qualified and well-trained dispatchers. They ensure that each event will be treated correctly and rapidly, according to each case. We can receive messages from all burglary alarm systems manufacturers, using the phone landline, GPRS communicators or even IP.

Thus, in case of burglary alarms our quick-response team, having lethal weapons, will go to the monitored location in the shortest possible time and check it. In case of problems, the police, fire-squad or ambulance will be called.

Among the usual alarm messages, we can also receive any technical problems messages and our technicians will make corrective interventions in order to remedy all problems.