Security and Protection

An efficient security plan for assets or people may be obtained by layering the various protection measures. The base concept relies on the fact that an asset’s security is not significantly compromised by loosing just one layer of protection. Each security layer may be composed of various elements such as:

  • measures to detect, track and monitor intruders along the perimeter and inside of it;
  • access control and other mechanical means;
  • physical barriers and active ones in order to stop or delay the access or the progress of intruders;
  • measures to protect sensitive or even confidential materials or assets;
  • control and command center, maybe even a dispatch center;
  • efficient response in case of unwanted events.

As basic roles of the physical security service, we identify the following:

  • deterring potential intruders;
  • identifying unauthorized persons that try to break inside the perimeter;
  • delaying, frustrating or, ideally, preventing intrusion attempts;
  • detecting intruders and monitoring them by technical means.

Our company ensures that by evaluating the risks and using the technical means that are at our disposal, or other means agreed beforehand with the customer that each of our clients will benefit from the best solution. Furthermore, our security agents carry personal tracking devices and are permanently verified by the company’s dispatcher. In case of any problems, the security agents have the full support of the quick-response teams.